What’s Up with my Water Heater?

Winter and water heaters. Two things you just can’t avoid. In Northern Virginia, we went from summer to a short fall to essentially and early winter very quickly. In October we were waking up to temperatures in the high 30’s! In the midst of winter weather, the last thing you want is to be without […]


The Lifespan of Bathroom Fixtures

While we were out at a consultation the other day, a client asked us about the lifespan of their fixtures, specifically in their bathroom. As we talked about how long each item typically lasts, we were able to determine that several things in their bathroom were well overdue for an upgrade! Since this is not […]


How to Increasing Water Efficiency in Your Home

Though we don’t live in a water restricted area (like California), it is always a good idea to make sure you are using water efficiently. Older fixtures and features were not up to the same standards, so if you have not replaced them in a while, you are probably not getting great water efficiency. In […]


When should I winterize my pipes?

While it has not really felt like fall very much in Northern VA, we know those cooler temperatures are on their way. September was a dreary month, full of lots of rain and October may bring more of the same, hopefully with more fall like temperatures (where are those 65 degree days?). As we get […]


3 Rain Related Plumbing Issues

September has turned into the month of rain! The very first weekend, we had a crazy storm on Saturday. Then the next week it rained every single day. After that it was Florence, causing evacuations all along the east coast. You’d think with all this rain; the grass and trees would be really happy. Well, […]


3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

As a plumbing company, one of the things we often help customers with is their bathroom remodel. While this may seem surprising, it makes a lot of sense: a bathroom remodel involves the plumbing and pipes just as much as it does the fixtures. In the Northern VA area, there are a lot of older […]


Fall Plumbing Checklist

Happy September! Now that the cooler weather is closer, it is time to make sure your home and all your plumbing features are ready. At Marines Plumbing, we recommend doing the following three things to prepare for the cool temperatures. Check the Sump Pump With all the rain we’ve had this summer, and especially recently, […]


Waste Less Water

Now that we are knee deep in summer, you may be noticing an increase in one of your monthly bills. It is not uncommon for water bills to sky rocket during the summer months. At Marines Plumbing, we know it is best for you, and the planet, to be mindful consumers of water. So, how […]


When Should I Replace My Plumbing Fixtures?

This is truly one of the most frequent questions we get at Marines Plumbing, though often it is specific to a certain plumbing fixture like the water heater, bathroom fixtures, or pipes. Regardless, it is a good question and one that not many people are sure about it. At Marines Plumbing, we recommend regular maintenance […]

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When do I call my plumber?

During the summer we try to squeeze in all our family health appointments: physicals for the kids, dental cleaning, and anything else that can be hard to fit in with the craziness of school. We take care of ourselves doing not only regular maintenance, but also a fair share of preventative maintenance. Not surprisingly, our […]