When Should I Replace My Plumbing Fixtures?

This is truly one of the most frequent questions we get at Marines Plumbing, though often it is specific to a certain plumbing fixture like the water heater, bathroom fixtures, or pipes. Regardless, it is a good question and one that not many people are sure about it. At Marines Plumbing, we recommend regular maintenance […]

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When do I call my plumber?

During the summer we try to squeeze in all our family health appointments: physicals for the kids, dental cleaning, and anything else that can be hard to fit in with the craziness of school. We take care of ourselves doing not only regular maintenance, but also a fair share of preventative maintenance. Not surprisingly, our […]


5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

It is July and summer is finally here! During the summer months, some of your household appliances and features get more use than usual and they can start to show signs of normal wear more quickly. 1 – Leaking Washing Machine More time outside means more dirt and stains and ultimately more laundry. Add in […]


Clogged AC Condensate Drains

It is just now June and already, Northern VA has been experiencing summer-like temperatures, which means most of us are starting to turn on our AC. The last thing we want is for you to turn on your AC and have it not work, or for it to stop working on a day that reaches […]


4 Things to Check Before Your Vacation

At Marines Plumbing, we value the time we get to spend with our friends and family, especially during the summer. We know that you do too! If you are planning a vacation soon and live in Northern VA, make sure to follow these tips before you leave on your trip! Shut Off the Water One […]

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Water Line Replacement

A few weeks ago, we talked about water line repair and replacement. Now we are digging deeper into the process for water replacement. If you live in Northern VA and your water line is damaged and you decide to go with a water line replacement, what will that process look like?   Preparation First and […]


Water Line Repair

When a water line breaks, there are two main courses of action you can take: repair the existing line or replace the existing line. In this post, we will explain the process of repairing the water line and the benefits associated to it. Damage Assessment The first step, regardless of whether you go with a […]


Sump Pump Maintenance

Last month, we wrote a blog post all about sump pumps – what they are and when to install them. Once you have a sump pump, just like with most appliances and home features, you will need to regularly maintain it. At Marines Plumbing, we can help not only with sump pump installations but also […]

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Should I Repair or Replace my Broken Water Line?

This a common question for property owners when their water lines require work. It can be hard to know which choice is the wisest, both financially and in the long run. It may cost more up front to replace the water line now, but will save you money down the road. Here are the top […]


What is a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are becoming a common occurrence in homes these days, homes that are prone to flooding and even new construction homes that aren’t at risk. At Marines Pluming, we regularly install sump pumps in homes in the Northern VA area and know that not everyone knows what they are. A sump pump is essentially […]