How High Precipitation Levels Can Impact Your Plumbing

If you’ve been asking yourself if the rain affect your plumbing, the answer is yes. You need to stay on top of any plumbing problems whether or not it is raining. Failure to do so will mean looking for a Manassas plumber because of the different problems that might come up as a result. As a homeowner, it is crucial that you understand how heavy rains could affect your plumbing. You need to take a proactive approach so that you address the potential issues as they arise. Here are examples of how heavy rains could negatively affect your plumbing.

Blocked Pipes

The pipes could develop leaks because of heavy downpour thus the ruptures allowing the debris to enter the pipes. This will result in the pipes being blocked. The water will be backed down to your underground or basement spaces. Heavy rains could also aid in root growth if you have trees in your yard which will lead to the destruction of pipes.

Pressure on Pipes

There will be increased pressure on the pipes as a result of the heavy rains. Even though most plumbing systems are designed to be durable, you might not be able to predict adverse weather patterns which could have an effect on their functionality. Heavy rains lead to ground saturation. This, in turn, leads to the dirt around your pipes to turn to mud. Mud is heavy which could to exterior pressure on the pipes.

Shifting Underground Pipes

There will be an increased pressure exerted on the pipe once the earth softens. The increased pressure could lead to shifting of the pipes which leads to bursting. The ruptures could lead to the house being disconnected from the water source. You may not know the cause of the problem until you call an experienced plumber.

Overworking the Sump Pump

The ground gets saturated during heavy rains and what happens to the excess water will be determined by the type of soil you have around your home. Dry and permeable ground will dry away quickly. Water will start accumulating if the ground is not permeable as it might have been raining consistently for a couple of days. The water could also build around your home because of the topography.  The water is likely to cause problems if you don’t have a sump pump. The sump pump will have to work harder the more it rains.

Flooding in the Basement

Heavy rains could cause havoc in the basement because of a broken sump pump or pipe blockage. The problem could also be caused by a faulty gutter which also results in water damages to the fascia of the house. You should address the issue as soon as possible as it could cause structural problems to your home. Reach out to an expert plumber problem as soon as you realize there is flooding in the basement. Catching the problem early will help mitigate the damages. For more information on rainwater and plumbing damages, you can check out



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